Top Platforms For Saving And Investing Money Online In Nigeria

online saving platform in nigeria

Saving money is a struggle for most people. With a steady flow of monthly income, it is easy to spend with reckless abandon. In a bid to help you better manage your money, we researched some of the apps that could help you save and invest your money in Nigeria.

1. PiggyVest

PiggyVest (formerly is a simple app that helps you save and invest with ease. You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) towards a specific savings target or lock away funds for a specified period of time. PiggyVest helps you stop excessive spending by letting you easily keep funds away that you will not like to touch. PiggyVest takes away the stress by combining simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you to manage your finances better and achieve financial freedom.

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2. CowryWise

CowryWise is a digital platform that helps make saving and investing seamless. CowryWise takes away the stress and planning required to save and invest on a regular basis through its automated and easy-to-use online savings platform. Your savings also generate interests, up to 15% per annum, till a set maturity date. CowryWise accepts debit cards issued by all Nigerian banks and you can start your saving plans with as low as ₦100.

cowrywise nigeria

3. Payday Investor

Payday Investor is a simple and secure app that lets you put money aside for the things you want and make more profits on your investments over time. The app helps you earn interest (up to 13%) while investing your funds automatically on a periodic basis so that you can smash your investment goals faster. With Payday, your saved funds are invested in the ARM Money Market Fund, a mutual fund which guarantees competitive interest and quarterly returns and capital preservation.

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4. Alert by Wema

ALAT’s Goals helps make saving as easy as spending. Whether you’re setting up a budget, saving for that special item or just looking for a rewarding investment plan, ALAT’s Goals has got you covered. You can create as many Goals as you need. It’s as easy as, setting your target, choosing your saving frequency and watching the magic happen. ALAT handles the rest and makes you some good money in the process. by wema bank

5. KoloPay

KoloPay is one of the best ways to save towards your goals. KoloPay helps you easily save little by little towards your goals and you get up to 10% interest. This platform is totally cashless as your savings are made from your existing bank accounts. Accounts are linked using your debit card details. This application is flexible enough to help you save as low as ₦100 and as high as ₦100,000 at once.

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