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How To Send Money To Nigeria Through MoneyGram.

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MoneyGram is the second-largest provider of international money transfers in the world after Western Union. With a huge global network of more than 350,000 agent locations, MoneyGram international money transfer makes it possible to transfer funds to more…

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5 Easy Ways To Send Money To Nigeria From Abroad

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According to the World Bank’s Migration and Development Brief, in 2016 Nigerians in the diaspora sent $19 billion to their families and friends in Nigeria making it one of the most active remittance corridors in the world. Every…

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Nairabarter.com – Get Your Daily Exchange Rates In Naira.

Introducing Nairabarter

The word “Foreign Exchange” is a very popular term in Nigeria, especially among business people and travelers. Based on its population, the foreign exchange market in Nigeria is one of the biggest in Africa. In 1995 the Central…

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